Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunglass Season

Here are exerpts from a great article by Dr. Joel Kestenbaum/June 20,2009 posted on Optix Family Eyecare

Sunglass Season
Is There Really A Sunglass Season?
It’s official. Sunglass season is here. But is there really a sunglass season? The answer is: there is and there isn’t.
Ultraviolet light (UV A and UV B) is present in winter as well as summer. Since people spend more time outdoors in summer, sunglass sales boom in spring.
Which sunglass is right for you? Although most people concern themselves with the cosmetics of the frame, it is the lens that is the most important part of eye protection. Not all lenses are alike. There are sport lenses, golf or tennis lenses, biking, hiking, or skiing lenses, driving or fishing lenses and general-purpose sun lenses.
Some of the sunglass designers include Oakley which has multilayered, multicoated lenses. Maui Jim is known for their polarized, multilayered, non-glare lenses. Ray Ban has been the sunglass standard for many years and is probably the most well known. Rudy Project is known for their high quality sports lenses.
Designers such as Bvlgari, Calvin Klein, Dior, Tiffany, Carrera and a host of others have made their own protective lenses in their high fashions sun wear. Did you know that ultraviolet light exposure could be higher in the winter? The sun is lower in the sky. The trees are bare. The snow is on the ground. The glare and reflections may be higher than in warm weather. And as we well know, where there is more sun glare, there is more ultraviolet light. We know this because we sunburn in a shorter period of time at the beach or pool than in the backyard. The same goes for UV glare in the winter.
More glare = more UV.
So why do more people think they only have to wear sunglasses in the warm weather? The answer is education, education, and education. As eyecare professionals, it is our job to educate our patients regarding UV eye protection in all seasons. I like to think that for the last 25 years or so, my staff has been doing a good job of this.
So if you want information about which sunglass is right for you, stop by the Bedford Eye Care Centre for a free consultation.

Have a great summer.
Dr. Toby Mandelman

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