Friday, December 24, 2010

Canadian breakthrough in cataract treatment

Tuesday, Dec 21, 2010

The Canadian company Vision Rejuvenation™ Victoria (British Columbia) has become the first centre in Canada to implant the world’s first light adjustable intraocular lens.
The Calhoun Vision LAL® lens was implanted by Dr. Lawrence Brierley, surgeon and medical director at Vision Rejuvenation. Dr. Brierley is involved in a clinical study through Health Canada to determine the safety and effectiveness of the lens and the light delivery device.
The main problem with cataract surgery is that it is difficult to precisely determine in advance what lens power the patient needs. The patient has to live with the visual problems resulting from any errors or undergo further surgical procedures. The light adjustable lens is the solution to this problem. Once the eye has healed after surgery, the patient’s ability to see near and far is assessed and a light source is applied to change the shape of the lens.
“This breakthrough technology is one of the greatest advances in cataract surgery in years. I have been waiting all my life for the sort of precision that this lens allows me,” says Dr. Brierley. “It is like having an insurance policy that ensures accurate and precise outcomes based on specific patient requirements.”


  1. "Adustable to light" really
    nice work so when will these lenses be available in market.

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