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Bedford Eye Care Centre Celebrates its 25th Anniversary

The Bedford Eye Care Centre is pleased to be celebrating our 25th year of providing eye care services in Bedford. In 1984, Dr. Toby Mandelman moved to Nova Scotia from Ontario and started a small practice in the Sun Tower. "I always had a vision of creating one of the top optometric clinics in Canada", says Dr. Mandelman. Through her commitment to providing an exceptionally high level of patient care, her practice soon grew, and in 1992 the office was moved to the Mezzanine level of the Sunnyside Mall. Dr. Angela Dobson joined her in 1994, followed by Dr. Avila Cox in 1998. It was soon time to grow again and the office was completely remodeled and expanded in 2001. Dr. Raman Parkash joined the practice in 2006 and the name Bedford Eye Care Centre was adopted.

Much has changed since 1984. Enter the office now and you will see highly sophisticated instruments, allowing us to ensure a very thorough examination of the eyes. In 2007, we added an Optomap retinal scanner to our eye examination instrumentation. "The Optomap gives us an unprecedented wide-angle view of the entire retina, allowing eye diseases to be identified at earlier stages", notes Dr. Dobson. Glaucoma detection has also been greatly improved with the addition of the GDX instrument that allows us to detect damage to the nerve layer in the retina, resulting in earlier treatment of this potentially blinding disease. "It is comforting to know that we can now detect and treat most eye diseases at such early stages, that few of our patients will have to deal with vision loss," adds Dr. Cox.

"As a relatively new practitioner, I was excited to be joining the Bedford Eye Care Centre as this practice made a commitment to staying up-to-date and provided services not often seen in other clinics," enthuses Dr. Parkash. Specialty services include computerized training for patients with eye muscle imbalances, prescribing specialized magnifiers for visually-impaired patients and children's vision, including well baby checks for 6 month old infants.

All the doctors are skilled at fitting contact lenses, including the very latest technology such as bifocal contact lenses that correct astigmatism. "There have been some amazing advances in lens materials and designs that allow more patients than ever to enjoy wearing contact lenses, safely and comfortably," comments Dr. Dobson. The doctors are also trained in fitting the CRT (Corneal Refractive Therapy) contact lens by Paragon. CRT lenses are worn overnight, gently reshaping the eye to allow clear vision all day without the use of daytime contact lenses or glasses. The Bedford Eye Care Centre employs a full-time certified contact lens fitter, Vanessa Young to help look after our contact lens patients. "I love working with the doctors and being able to provide the highest level of products and care to our patients," says Vanessa.

"Since our opening in 1984, patients have been coming to our optical boutique for the very latest in fashionable frames," notes Dr. Mandelman. Our optical team attends international frame shows, importing frames from around the world, some of which are exclusive to our office. "We pride ourselves on providing a personalized frame selection, ensuring that you will be thrilled with your eyeglasses," adds optician Renee Barrett. There have also been many exciting developments in lens technology, including digital lenses, providing our patients with 'high-definition' vision.

With 4 optometrists and 20 staff, our office has grown exponentially since our opening in 1984. One of our greatest assets is our team of dedicated and friendly staff. "All of our staff are carefully chosen and trained to ensure that you are taken care of by warm, caring people who pride themselves on their work and professionalism," says Dr. Cox. "All of the people in our office, work towards one goal... making sure that our patients continue to be our number one priority," adds Dr. Parkash.

"After 25 years, I can honestly say that my dream has become a reality, as the Bedford Eye Care Centre has become one of the top optometric centres in Canada. One of my greatest pleasures has been to form life-long relationships with my patients, watching their children grow and taking care of their babies in turn. It's also been very satisfying to see many of my young patients become optometrists and colleagues of mine," says Dr. Mandelman.

We have a lot of people to thank, including our suppliers who believed in our practice in the early years and helped us to grow and prosper. We are also grateful to the other health professionals we partner with daily, including the family physicians and ophthalmologists who help us provide the best possible care for our patients.
And, of course, our success would not have been possible without the support of the wonderful people in our community. You are the reason that we work so hard to continually improve and provide you with an exceptional eye care experience.
We look forward to continuing to care for the eyes of our community for at least another 25 years!

Dr. Toby Mandelman, Optometrist
on behalf of the doctors and staff of Bedford Eye Care Centre

Click on the following link to see a 'Trip Down Memory Lane', a slideshow of our offices over the years! 902.835.2020

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